Month: March 2014

Getting started in Video and Film

On March 13th I met with Sound Artist John Boursnell to begin my education in video and film work. As a performance artist, the documentation of live work is a tricky and debatable area to navigate, and one that throws up a lot of questions surrounding ideas of originality.

However in a place of questionable commodity such as the art world provides, documentation is highly important whether it is ever eventually used as a commodity or not. Not least as a means of proof of live action having happened.

The main reason for my interest in video as opposed to photography as a means of documentation is based around my ideas of interconnected project work, whereby one action or event leads to another and so on. The impermanent nature of performance work is a tricky field to rationalise and  perhaps what I seek is to use video as a space or screen of reflection.

Unfortunately video and film are not areas that come naturally to my skill base and as a result I have enlisted the help of Boursnell to provide a small amount of tutoring to get me started.

At this initial meeting we started with the basic run-through of how to use my own DSLR in video mode. This is a Canon EOS M so is compact and easy to use and provides the perfect start-up for filming some of my work.

Having provided my with some simple instruction for use and practical bits of information, I will be attempting to gather some footage to use in further tutoring, primarily in using editing software.

1 minute 59 seconds Original Performance

1 minute 59 seconds
Original Performance with Holly Stubbings